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Trane 90%+ Gas Furnaces

The more efficient a furnace, obviously, the lower your energy bill for heating. Calculating a furnace's energy costs requires considering both the gas it burns and the electricity it consumes to run its blowers and controls.

How efficiently a furnace converts gas into heating energy is reflected in its annual fuel-utilization-efficiency (AFUE) rating, which is measured as a percentage. The higher that percentage, the more heat the furnace can wring from each therm of gas—and the lower the environmental impact of its emissions.

Furnaces have generally become more energy-efficient over the years. A typical gas furnace made in the early 1970s has an AFUE of about 65 percent. Today, the lowest efficiency allowed by law for new gas furnaces is 78 percent, and Trane's most efficient models have an AFUE of reaching 95% of total gas input.

Below are Trane's 90%+ model's gas fired furnaces. These furnaces can use natural gas or propane with conversion kits.


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